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Throughout the 90 Day Tithe Challenge, we’ve heard
some incredible stories of how God has been moving.

You can read some of those stories below!



I drifted from God and completely stopped going to church after my father died several years ago. After I’d finally had enough of the lack of purpose I felt, two years ago I told God: “I’m ready to pursue You wholeheartedly. Whatever You ask, God, I’ll do. Anything.” But … I didn’t even think about tithing.

Not long ago, my roommate asked my thoughts on the subject, and I told her I didn’t have any. She showed me Malachi 3, and I knew that if it said, ‘Bring the whole tithe, and I’ll pour out blessing,’ how could I NOT obey? That meant realigning my budget and putting a few things, including running shoes, on a wait list. But I knew I could trust God.

After a recent run with my roommate, my shin splints were really bad, and she asked why I didn’t just get new shoes. I just told her I needed to keep other priorities first. The very next day, a co-worker who knew nothing of my need, brought me a pair of beautiful blue Brooks running shoes in my size and perfectly fit to my type of arch.

It’s so humbling. The God of the ENTIRE universe gave me shoes. If He’s telling us to do something, we can know that He’s always good and good on His promises. He is our Father. And every detail matters.



Early in marriage, when we were not tithing, my wife and I found that we never really got ahead. Things would break down … surprise bills would show up … we just seemed to poorly navigate the unexpected a lot. Finally, we tested God on the principal of giving and saw unbelievable blessings.

Now, after more than 42 years of tithing, this is what we know is true: Our finances go much further on 90%, giving 10% to God, than if we keep 100% for us.

He absolutely blesses us as we give.



I always saw tithing of this thing you do as you get established – as you could “afford to.” A huge shift came at one of the most unlikely seasons: My wife and I were living across continent from family… navigating early marriage, working full time, and helping full on with a church plant. Then, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and couldn’t work. In the blink of an eye, we had to rely on others not just for care and support, but also for finances. I remember asking my pastor, “How do we do this? How do we tithe when we’re relying on others so desperately right now?”

It was one of those seasons where you go to the grocery store and have to pay half on your debit card, half on your credit card because you’re literally out of money. But that’s when we determined our non-negotiable: We would tithe on what I earned. Period. In that moment, I had a very raw conversation with God and basically said, “God, put up or shut up. This stretch is hard and scary, and we have to see You move.”

That same day, a woman showed up our door with $1,500 collected among my wife’s co-workers, and God whispered, “See, I’ve been taking care of you all along. I. Won’t. Stop.”

I laughed at myself, thinking, “OK, I guess now it’s me who needs to shut up.”

In that crossroads of faith, we often tell ourselves we can’t afford to give. But, the truth is, we can’t afford NOT to give. It doesn’t make sense, but God makes it work. His economy is far greater.

Now, years later, my wife is completely whole, we’ve seen incredible blessing, and our view of God is astronomical. He is bigger than we can ever imagine and ready to take us from a mentality of lack to one of amazing possibility.