The Journey

Before you were born, God made a plan for you to flourish… to prosper. The Wave Church Journey will help you discover your God-given purpose and understand how you can thrive as you live the life He created for you. The Journey is made up of four steps that equip you to 1) connect to the church, 2) discover the strengths of your purposeful design, 3) develop your personal leadership, and 4) use your unique gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

For more information on these classes (online or in person), email Chris Elliott!

The Journey Workbook

The Journey Step OneStep One — Welcome To Church

Explore the ministry of Wave Church and find out how to connect with our church. Step One takes place the first Sunday of every month.

Step One Video

The Journey Step TwoStep Two — Discover My Design

Nothing about you and your design is accidental. Explore your personality, discover your gifts, and see how all the parts and pieces of you reveal your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. Step Two takes place the second Sunday of every month.

Step Two Video

The Journey Step ThreeStep Three — Develop My Leadership

Are you curious about what it means to be a leader at Wave Church? We’ll help you uncover how you can build upon your design, character and gifting to fulfill your potential and influence others. Step Three takes place the third Sunday of every month.

Step Three Video

The Journey Step FourStep Four — Join The Team

Connect to the opportunities available at Wave to serve others as you use your God-given gifts. This is where you’ll come face to face with your calling and design, as your purpose is realized best in serving others. Step Four takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.

Step Four Video

Times & Locations

Join us at a campus near you and get started on your Journey.

Step One1st Nov, 2020

Step Two8th Nov, 2020

Step Three15th Nov, 2020

Step Four22nd Nov, 2020