Elective 1 + 2 – Pastors & Leaders With Keynote Speakers

  • We have special guest speakers, Nathan Finochio and Ps. Casey Treat speaking at these electives. They will be speaking and encouraging pastors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. If you find yourself leading in any capacity – these sessions are for you!


1st Floor Epi Center

Elective 1 + 2 – Keeping The End In Mind with Sharon Kelly + Wendy Treat

  • We all want to finish well when we start, but sadly, that doesn’t always happen. Join Pastor Sharon Kelly and Wendy Treat as they share on how to keep our faith, our hope, our testimony, our tenacity, and our courage when we face the highs and lows of ministry life.


2nd Floor Lobby

Elective 1 – Finding Your Way Into God’s Will with Scott Wilson

  • Join Scott Wilson as we discuss finding your way into God’s will, and discovering how God works today to make the right decisions. We will look at God’s Will and the three different approaches taken on this subject. It’s very timely due to the way the world is right now and how many make decisions.

Elective 2 – Theology & Culture with Nathan Finochio

  • Join Nathan Finochio for a discussion on cultural hot topics, viewing cultural issues through a Biblical lens, being unified in our essential beliefs, how to debate healthily, and much more!



3rd Floor Convention Center

Elective 1 – A Passionate Pursuit: Walking Worthy in the Calling of the Creative Heart

  • In this session we will discuss the life we are called to live and lead out of. We are called to a passionate pursuit of a Holy God and it’s out of this pursuit that we lead and create an atmosphere in which He moves in and through our lives. We will dive into red flags that we need to check in on, as well as sign posts that we are walking worthy of the call set before us.

Elective 2 – Team Talk: Discussing Life & Ministry with the Wave Create & Production Team

  • In this session we will dive into all aspects of team and ministry life as worship and production teams. Building a healthy and happy team isn’t always the easiest endeavor, but it is possible and so worth it; from the joys to the healthy tensions that can arise and everything in between…

3rd Floor Convention Center

Elective 3 – A Session With Red Rocks Worship

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