Steve & Sharon Kelly – Steve and Sharon have pastored Wave Church for 22 years in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They came to Virginia in 1999 to build a church of influence with a passion to help people live life well. Steve lives to make heaven party by winning people to Christ and developing leaders who can change their world one life at a time.

Nathan Finochio – Nathan Finochio is a teaching pastor. In addition to teaching, preaching, and writing, Nathan is a worship leaders and songwriter for the band The Royal Royal. Finochio lives in New York with his wife, Jasmine.

Manny ArangoManny Arango is a Bible nerd, a storyteller, a troublemaker, an overcomer, and a revivalist. Passionate about fighting for people who have lost their voice, Manny strives to inspire those who have lost hope or have settled for mediocre. Born in Boston, MA but based in Dallas, TX, he is a teaching pastor at Social Dallas under Pastor Robert Madu. He is also a full time itinerant preacher as of January 2020. Manny graduated from SouthEastern University in Dec 2019 with a Masters and is currently continuing his education at Northern Seminary for a Doctorate in New Testament studies. He deeply values Bible literacy and founded ARMA, an academic bible study tool that reflects his heart to equip and champion God’s people.

Scott Wilson – Based in Denmark for over 20 years, Scott has been a leadership trainer and coach to church leaders. He is the President of, a network of churches in Europe. He is also the founder and Director of the Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management (ICLM). Scott travels extensively, teaching and training leaders on building great church. He holds two masters degrees, one in theology and the other in organisational development. He also holds a doctorate through an adjunct college of Liverpool University, England. He has authored eight books, is married to Linda who pastors churches in Denmark. He has two adult children.

Paul de Jong – Paul, and his wife Maree, are the founders of LIFE, a multi-campus church with locations in Aukland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. With a mandate to influence the global Church, Paul as a respected father in the faith, travels extensively speaking at leadership conferences and churches. His Kingdom-heart, leadership strength combined with a prophetic edge, and a proven track record continue to impact many to reach for more. From leadership, church development, youth ministry, worship and creative arts, personal development and business, he has the ability and insight to speak into many areas of the wider body of Christ. 

Sam Kelly – Sam and his wife Laurie are Youth Pastors and Campus Pastors at Fellowship Church based in Dallas, Texas. He has a heart to see people from every age and stage of life fall in love with Jesus, people, and the Church. In addition to pastoring and preaching, Sam is also a songwriter and worship leader for Fellowship Creative.

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