Wave Foundation

In 2012, the decision was made to bring all missions and building initiatives under one umbrella at Wave Church. Wave Foundation was birthed to truly tell the whole story of Wave Church and the scope of influence we have both locally and internationally.

Building Fund

Through our Building Fund, we are truly establishing one thing that can’t be destroyed: God’s House. In Ephesians 4:16, we are encouraged by the truth that “every joint supplies” meaning every single person has a part to play. God has called us as individuals to advance the Kingdom of God, and we do this by building the local church. Through the Building Fund, Wave Church has built churches all over the nation and the world. Our goal is to see more healthy people planted, and we do this by continuing to plant churches in places where people need them. Our job is to go out into the world and build churches that will have a lasting effect on their community for generations.


Through multiple programs, Wave Missions is active and alive in our own community and the world. Hebrews 13:16 reminds us, “Do not forget to do good and to share with others.” The heartbeat of Wave Church is to love and think of others. Wave Church is committed to the principle of tithing; we give 10% of our tithe income to different outreaches around the globe.

For more information on Wave Foundation, how you can be involved and stories of what Wave Foundation has done in the lives of people in our community and globally, we encourage you to download our Wave Foundation Magazine.


You Can Get Involved

  • ArmyofFaithfulBelieversARMY OF FAITHFUL BELIEVERS. A faithful, committed and generous group of people who love God: a people whose love and desire is to fully stand with the vision of reaching our community and impacting lives. The lifeblood of Wave Church. Annually $120 - $2,499.
  • CenturionsCENTURIONS. Centurions have been a true strength to Wave Church. These are high yield, low maintenance people like the Centurion in Luke 7. They are a key part of the financial leadership of our church and see it as part of their mission to resource the Kingdom. Annually $2,500 - $7,499.
  • KingdomPeopleKINGDOM PEOPLE. Kingdom People are men and women who believe that part of the reason they exist is to resource the Kingdom of God. They are individuals who consistently place the cause of the King as their first priority. We consider them to be the financial leaders of our church. Annually $7,500 - $1M+.

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