Devoted Blog

Anchor of Hope

October 18, 2017

Blog By Lydia Kicker

When I heard about the horrific news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, our nation’s worst in history, it rocked me to the core. I felt total dismay and disbelief that this kind of senseless evil is real and apparent. I went to the Lord in my brokenness. “God, how do we respond when we hit a new level of hopelessness as a nation?” I was reminded of this verse, John 16:33: “For in this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world.”

This is the hope that we cling to, or rather, that to which we anchor ourselves. Our hope is in the Name of the Lord, he will have the final say; He will have the last word.

Just when I thought the morale of our nation couldn’t get any lower, we were bombarded with an evil that we could have never expected. But take heart, ladies, what the devil intended for evil, our God will use for His good. This is my hope. The truths and promises of His Word are what I have chosen to anchor myself to. And it is a choice!  Sometimes the easier choice is to anchor ourselves in what is happening around us rather than to the hope that is found in God’s Word, but the anchor of that around us will surely never hold and will fail to keep you grounded.

The anchor of hope in Jesus keeps our mind focused on His Word so that when the storms come, (and they will come…if they haven’t already), we will be held steadfast. I will not be shaken and my heart will not be stirred by the waves of life. My mind does not drift toward unhealthy thinking, depression or selfishness.

So ladies, what have you chosen to anchor your heart to? Don’t drift in your faith. Hold steadfast to the promises of God because He is faithful and He is just.