Wave Kids

Wave Kids is where we have great teaching, fun games and big encounters with God! We are passionate about leading and equipping the next generation with a love for Jesus and His Church. Our children’s ministry teams deliver top-notch services that are sure to wow your students while also teaching them the principles of God’s word. We desire to show these children how the Bible applies to their daily lives at school, with friends, and in their families.


Our volunteer care providers are excited to spend time playing games, reading Bible stories, and leading music time with your child. In addition, our Kids Team utilizes interactive activities, games, crafts, and songs to help the children apply the leadership lesson to their lives.

Safety & Security:

As a parent/guardian, we want you to feel confident about the safety of your child while you are here at Wave Church. To help ensure this, our facility utilizes Fellowship One for our check-in system. Every child, Infant-5th grade is checked-in prior to service and has a Name Tag with an alpha numeric ID#. Parents receive a check-out tag with the corresponding ID# which must be presented at the time of check-out. This will ensure that the right child is leaving with the correct parent/guardian. If at any time during the service a parent needs to be contacted, the alpha numeric ID# will scroll on the screen in the main auditorium.

We have the most vibrant volunteers in our program and prior to serving, all our Wave Kids Team Volunteers are carefully screened, trained and undergo a state and federal background check.

If you are planning to visit, we encourage you to arrive early so we can familiarize you with our system and our facility.

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