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Day 12 – Devoted Daily Devotional

February 12, 2019

DAY 12
Devotional by Jennifer Shupert

My 40th birthday started with a lightning storm. Not the metaphorical kind, but an actual lightning storm that woke me up 11 minutes into my birthday day. It was so out of the ordinary. I thought Maybe it means this decade will be fierce. Amazing. Powerful.

I started thinking about this new decade I was entering into. Although I believe in signs and wonders, I fought the urge to hang all my hopes on a coincidental omen. Instead I was reminded that the God who created the universe also gave me the freedom to choose my path within that universe. So isn’t the life I live dictated mainly by my own choices? It is a result of what path I choose to take and how I choose to respond to the things that try to knock me off that path.

This could be as simple as choosing to turn the other cheek when I have been wronged. Or it could be more complex like navigating family drama or dealing with loss of a loved one. But no matter the path before me, I know I can always turn to God and His Word for guidance. This is the beautiful nature of God – He gives us the freedom to choose but doesn’t just leave us on our own – He also offers to guide us in those moments. And in my experience, God’s way is ALWAYS better than my way!

“I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.”
Psalms 119:45 NLT

Thank you Lord for giving me the freedom to choose my own path. Please guide me in choosing to follow Your commandments. AMEN