Devoted Blog

Fighting Fear with Faith

September 19, 2018

Blog By Lisa Morrow

The truth is, it’s a miracle for me to be alive today. We hear so many songs about the breath of God. We sing about how He breathes life into our bones, how He breathes life into our lungs, so that we may sing. I take those lyrics to heart because the day that I was born, God literally gave me life so that I could inhale and exhale. Despite the fact that the complications were unexpected and that there was no way I’d make it, within death God performed the miracle of life.

The incomparable, mighty power of God made a way so that I could not just have life, but dedicate my life to serving Him and long to be more like Him. However; it doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Following Christ doesn’t mean that I won’t struggle, but it means that I won’t do life alone and that I have the resources to get to the other side.

10 years ago, I began a journey that would be filled with doctors, tests, physical therapy and 4 misdiagnoses. Symptoms built up over the years and with my very stubborn, strong and independent personality, I pushed myself as far as I could. About 6 months ago, what was once a sore knee turned into a breakdown in my living room, because I couldn’t get up off the couch. This has led to an MRI, injections and more appointments to come. This is a situation that your average 23 year old never imagines going through, but I am going through it. It’s affected how and where I can work, how I can serve in God’s house, and my day-to-day activities.

But I am loving this time of my life. Here’s why. 

No, I’m not crazy. I promise. It still gets frustrating when I get weighed at the doctor’s office and I have to explain how I can’t go to the gym. It gets frustrating when you can’t go explore cities and travel with your friends, like you usually do. It gets frustrating when medications don’t work when they should. BUT, I know that God is always on my side, He knows every little thing about me. He knows my purpose, and the path it takes to get there. He has plans for me beyond my imagination. His love for me is unconditional, and His grace is overflowing. His mercies are new every single day and there is healing in His hands. I know that God created doctors to do amazing things! I also know that He can heal me Himself in a split second. It’s simple- my hope is in God. My hope in Him is not so that I refuse medicine or doctors or advice, but that I trust that He has placed the right friends, family, doctors, job, and community around me to reach that place of healing. Whether I am healed through a surgery, healed at a church service or healed when I am called home to heaven, my hope is in God. I have no doubt that the creator of the universe knows what He’s doing, so I am good with His timing. I am good with the people He has surrounded me with. I am good with obeying the Holy Spirit. I don’t always understand why He does things the way that He does, but how could I not trust in Him?

I couldn’t go through any trials without God, His Word, His church and the understanding of who He is. My natural response would be to do it all alone, but He called us to community. He called us into relationship with Him, and into relationship with others. I wouldn’t be here today without others’ walking with me. We are called to fight together, so we might as well fight with the joy of the Lord, spiritual confidence, and with the understanding that as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:9, even though we are weak, we are strong through Christ Jesus.