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Finding You Belong In The Midst Of Change

February 13, 2017

Blog by Gaye Techanchuk

Have you ever made a big change?   Maybe you changed schools, jobs, or even moved to a different state.  You can feel a little uncomfortable, not sure where to find things or who to ask.  You try to find a friendly face to ask questions.  After you have been at your new place you start to feel at home.  You can now say “hello” to several people.  You feel like you belong and feel free to talk to those people that were strangers before.

Well the same thing can happen when you come to a new church.  Where do you go to sit down, when does church start, what will happen during the service?  You are sure everyone noticed you could not find a seat.  Well at least you are now seated. Many things go through your mind, maybe it would have been easier to stay home and watch on line.  But you want to see some people, make some connections, maybe talk to someone.  It is all awkward, but you know it is so worth it.  You remember in some of your readings of the Bible it is not good to isolate yourself.  So you keep coming and each time you meet more people and feel more at home.

God has told us it is not good to be alone, nor is it good for you to forsake gathering together.  He knows we need each other.  His House is where you meet people that help believe for miracles, let you know when your thinking is just a little wacky, cry with you when life takes a weird turn, and rejoice with you when you have that baby.

I have been with our Church for 29 years—it has been quite a journey.  Some of my friends have prayed with me for a new job, when my husband was sick, when my husband died, when my son married and my granddaughters were born.  Had I let all my awkward moments keep me from connecting with these great people, how empty my life would have been!  How I love my Church!!!! You can find your “belong” too.


Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT
A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.  Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.



Dear God, help us see people as you see them – help us help people connect with your Church and feel part of the family.  Let us go arm in arm through the difficult times in our life, cheer each other on, and even share a meal together.  AMEN.


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