Devoted Blog

Let’s Have A Conversation

August 5, 2020

Blogger: Devontay Coleman

As I am sitting here in my bed writing this post, my heart is heavy with everything that is going on in the world today. I took some time before writing this to get my emotions under control. The video I saw of Mr. Floyd had me in tears. As a young black man fear entered my heart. Seeing all the peaceful marches turn into riots and properties being destroyed is devastating to me. I have experienced racism first hand as a Salesman. I have had people tell me that they would wait for another salesman to help them out, knowing it was because of the color of my skin. At that moment I was hurt, but I knew how I responded mattered more than what my emotions were telling me at the time. I had a choice to make, act on the comment, or make the decision to not let my emotions speak for me. That situation and many others have led me to choose to be a bridge, I want to see healing come to our nation. A stronghold needs to break and I believe that with my whole heart. The reason I am writing this blog is to tell you – like a friend and a mentor once told me – let’s have a conversation, let’s bridge the gap to see our nation healed.

This blog is inspired by something I wrote on Facebook and I am praying it will help you to see what it looks like to have conversation. What does it look like to be the bridge, better yet what is a bridge?

A bridge is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle. Right now it’s time for us to be the bridge to get over this obstacle we‘re facing right now in the nation. Where do we start? We start with a conversation with people that are a different color than us. That means we need to listen, and be willing to understand another’s point of view, even if we do not agree. You never know – one conversation could change everything! One conversation could lead to walls coming down, and strongholds being broken. We cannot let fear hold us back from having crucial conversations with those that may not look like us.

I see fear two ways –  I/we can either fear everything and run or I/we can face everything and rise. I choose to live by 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. I am asking you – can we be the bridge? Can we please not be afraid of having a conversation that can lead to change and a healing transformation for our nation.

I am also reminded of this scripture, Mark 12:31 “The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater…”. This verse reminds me of the golden rule, treat others like you want to be treated. I think if we actually live by this we would see the change that can heal our nation.

I want to leave you with this, change starts with us so lets not be afraid to have a conversation, lets not be afraid of having different perspectives. God is still in the business of performing miracles. So lets have a conversation.