Devoted Blog

Let’s Stand Together

February 16, 2017

Blog by Lauren Riddle

Hi Devoted ladies!!

It’s pretty crazy that DEVOTED CONFERENCE is almost here!! I can’t wait! I seriously LOVE when all the girls come together. I believe that there’s power when we lock arms with other women and join together, to encounter God. We are better together! ###bettertogether #hashtagthat  I was thinking that this year will be my 12th Devoted Conference! (WOW!!) And as I went back through the years in my mind, I could recount how every year of Devoted, there was something very significant going on in my life at the time. The second Devoted I came to, I had just gotten engaged to Joe! A couple of years after that, I remember standing and believing for specific things in my personal life, health, family, etc. I remember standing in worship and choosing again and again to trust God in my circumstances. Even now, as we stand on the doorstep of another Devoted, I still am choosing to stand firm and trust God in some of the same areas that sought to steal my confidence in years gone by. Rather than leaving me feeling disappointed, I have chosen to let this reality remind me of how much I need to be in the unique environment that is Devoted Conference. So lets stand and join our faith, expectation and passion to continue to believe for all God has in store for us all!

Ephesians. 6:13“When you’ve done everything you can do to stand, stand firm.” 

Sometimes all you can do is stand. But don’t do it alone. Let’s stand together this year at conference. I want to encourage us as we approach Devoted to be committed to each other. Let’s stand firm together. This could be the year where the breakthrough somebody is believing for comes. They are counting on you and me to keep doing what we are doing as the incredible community of sisters that we are. Let’s keep inviting, keep praying big God dreams, keep telling our friends about Jesus. Let’s continue believing for God to do what He promised. Let’s be women that don’t get taken aback when things don’t go the way we planned or thought they would. God’s perspective is always greater, bigger, and BETTER than we could ever imagine. Let’s stand firm together.

I know I always leave DEVOTED feeling more refreshed and filled with greater vision that I arrived. Let’s believe for women’s lives to be forever changed, and from there, who knows what will happen? One thing I know for sure…. There’s something God wants to do in each of our lives. But if we want to see it unfold, than we must stand together in the power of faith filled community. Let’s believe for exceedingly abundant breakthrough this year!!!