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Summer Fresh Series: How to Keep Your Middle/High Schooler on Fire for God Over Summer Break

June 15, 2016

Blog by Ps Josh & Brooke Kelly – Youth Pastors, Wave Church

Welcome Summer-time!

School is out and that means hours upon hours of free time for your young person – it is our prayer (and we know it’s your desire too) for this to be an impacting season spiritually for your middle schooler and/or high schooler! Free time can be a good thing and a bad thing… It all comes down to how and where young people spend their time in the summer months. So how do you keep your child on fire for God when there can be so many distractions this summer?

One simple answer for you – it is all about their personal relationship with Jesus.

Now, we understand that you cannot have this relationship with God for them or even “force it” to happen but what you CAN do is POSITION your young person in the atmosphere to experience Jesus for themselves. There are some non-negotiable’s we believe will help keep your young people in the environment they need to remain on fire for God.

  • First, is attending your churches youth group.  Royal Youth is the name of our youth group & it’s a place where a young person’s relationship with God can be sparked on fire every week! Church and Royal Youth-related events are non-negotiable, no brainers for young people. It is crazy during the summer months how even just a couple of weeks of missing attending youth can affect a young person’s passion for Christ. It may be summer break but it shouldn’t mean a “break” from spending time with their Christian friends, attending their connect group (Bible study group), or coming to Royal Youth.
  • Connect group is another huge non-negotiable for young people staying on fire for God, especially over the summer. Relationships will either take young people away from God or towards Him. Connect groups are where young people develop authentic friendships with other Christians that can encourage and inspire their relationship with God. We know we would not be where we are if it were not for the time spent in connect group praying over the summer, building friendships, and growing our relationship with God.
  • We also believe praying is a non-negotiable for young people staying on fire for God over the summer months. It probably isn’t the best idea to force your young person to pray seven hours a day, but what is powerful is when your kids catch you praying or hear you praying. It will sow a seed of prayer that will harvest in due time. With that being said, prayer is something we really focus on in our youth ministry and connect groups over the summer. There is a good chance if your young people are connected in youth and connect groups that they will learn to develop a prayer life that keeps them on fire for God.

We believe summer can a time of outrageous growth in young people’s pursuit of Jesus and we want to help make that a reality. Fun is a high priority for us at Royal Youth! 
Summer isn’t summer if it isn’t fun.

If you live in the Virginia Beach area we encourage you to take advantage of our summer youth program…

  • Weekly Royal Youth Service
    Wednesday nights beginning at 7:15PM at 1000 N Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach.
    We are currently in a new series titled, “The Encounter” which is a lead up to our “Encounter Night” on June 29th. We encourage you to come check out our youth service with your young people on this night.
  • Royal Youth Conference & Summer Camp
    Royal Youth Conference takes place during our annual Wave Conference and is specifically designed with your young person in mind. Powerful preaching, Tribal War, food & fun all await your young person at Conference. There is also something extremely special about going somewhere new to get away with God. Our Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for your young person to make and strengthen godly friendships, learn more about Jesus and what it means to walk out this Christian life, and to inspire them to reach the people in their schools as they return in a few weeks’ time! Not to mention all of the fun activities including a ropes course, skate park, lake swimming and more! Every year we have countless testimonies of God’s impact at Summer Camp and know that this year will yield just the same! Summer camp is the breeding ground for young people being on fire for God!

Royal Youth Conference “Now Go” August 4 – 5

Royal Youth Summer Camp – August 24 – 27

Register Here:

* If you live outside of Virginia Beach be sure to find out your churches youth group summer plans.