Devoted Blog

Vital and Green

April 25, 2018

Blog By Polly Boyette

I can’t believe I just turned 65 years old. I remember helping my mom sign up for Medicare and now I’m eligible to sign up myself. It just can’t be possible, but the calendar doesn’t lie. I have to constantly remind myself of my age. When I’m talking to other people I always think of myself as younger than them, even if they are not even close to my age.

I have noticed subtle differences now compared to when I was younger. I say subtle because aging happens gradually and kind of sneaks up on you over the years. When I have a thought I find I need to express it right away or I will forget it. This may mean jumping into someone’s conversation to express my profound (often not) thought and risk being thought rude or writing everything down to remind myself of tasks and deadlines.

Not too long ago I went to the store to pick up hamburger meat and the fixings to make cheeseburgers for dinner. When it came time to cook, I reached into the fridge for the meat to find I had purchased everything but the hamburger. Of course, it was back to the store again.

The biggest change I see is when I look in the mirror. I often don’t recognize that older woman staring back at me because inside I feel like I’m 12 years old still. I love playing games, the latest music, computers, Disney World and shopping for fashionable clothes. Oh, and I love to laugh. I don’t just mean a sweet, old lady smile, but a bent-over-holding-your-belly laugh. I enjoy this activity as often as is possible.

I still have lots of dreams, hopes and plans for my life. Perhaps that’s why the Lord has given me such a young spirit. I don’t know if all of these plans will happen in my lifetime, but the prayers and hopes for my vision keep me feeling young.

“Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.” Psalms 92:14 (NLT)

You may look at an older person and think their life’s accomplishments are mostly behind them, but the Bible says we are still vital and green. We are all vital in God’s eyes and I’m certain He sees us each able to play a role in the kingdom.

If you are my age, or even older, don’t stop dreaming and planning. God can use you in any capacity, at any time if you are willing to see yourself as He sees you, vital and green. If you are a younger person, try to see beyond the outward appearance of an older person and keep in mind that they may feel just as young as you on the inside.

I may forget the hamburger meat while I’m at the grocery store, but while I’m eating my cheeseburger, I am busy making plans and dreaming dreams, believing I’m still vital and green. In my wallet I may carry a card that says I’m eligible for Medicare, but in my heart I carry hope, dreams and plans. How about you?