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Waiting on the Lord

December 12, 2018

Blog By Lydia Kicker

Black Fridays at Walmart
Well I spent yet another Thanksgiving in the Black Friday mayhem and I found myself in the long Walmart check-out line that seemed to go on for days. While waiting in the line, I couldn’t help but people watch. On a side note, Walmart is a prime place for people watching. I began watching this guy who was all out of sorts, half on his cell phone and half yelling at his wife/ girlfriend about having to wait in such an awful hour-long line for just an InstanPot (pressure cooker) to save a few bucks. Clearly meaning the wait was not worth it. He was irate and making quite a scene that was not appropriate for young children to see. Watching this stranger got me thinking again about what my reaction is when I know I have to wait. Am I patient? Am I trusting? How much endurance do I really have? Or do I act like this guy and show my impatience for all to see?

Be patient
Ps 27:14 (NIV) says “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD”. Now this is easier said than done. I have every intention of waiting on the Lord, staying strong with patience and endurance. But many times, I give up on the wait, throw in the towel and end up just taking matters into my own hands. I mean let’s be honest, waiting on the Lord can take years, right? Who wants to wait that long? Is what God has for our future worth the wait? And the answer quite simply is “Yes, of course it is!” Waiting on God’s best is so much better than the “good enough” that is right now. Waiting on the Lord requires trusting God even more than I trust myself. But do I? Do I trust God more than my own instincts? God wants us to put Him first and trust that He has our future resting in the palm of His hands.

God’s Waiting Room
Do we approach waiting on the Lord like we approach the waiting room at our doctor’s office: knowing that we have an appointment but still having to wait. I never enjoy the waiting room. I can never seem to just relax in the quiet, knowing that my turn will eventually come. Many times I find myself doing something else meaningless in order to pass the time. All the while, still fuming that I even have to wait in the first place. I mean it’s not like they didn’t know I was coming. But we forget that God is faithful even when we are not. God is tied, even bound, to His promises that He has made in His Word. He does not lie. He does not get tied up doing something else and forget all about you. God is faithful no matter what and He will do what He has said He would do in His Word. But first we have to know what He said. We have to know His Word and then we wait. We remind God every chance we get of His promises for us and thank Him that He will bring those promises to pass. That is waiting on the Lord.

Purpose in the Waiting
So don’t get discouraged in the waiting room. It’s just for a season. The waiting room is never the final destination, no matter how long you feel you have been there. And for some of us, that’s could be a long time. God always has a purpose for the waiting room. It’s not just a holding area to waste our time. He never wastes our time. There is purpose behind the waiting. Waiting builds character, endurance, patience, long-suffering- all those awesome traits that we know and love (not really…). But we want them for our own kids and God wants them for us too. These don’t just come on their own; they have to be built-in over time and that means through waiting. So let’s get our wait on, ladies. Look for God in the waiting room because He is already there waiting on you.