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Wave Conference Blog – Day 12

July 12, 2018

Made To Wonder

Blog by Chad Braswell

Why is it that we humans are so curious? What is in us that makes us want to know the inner working of things? We aren’t content with knowing about something, we want to know the why behind the what.

I remember when my firstborn grew to that magical age of “wonder”. She wondered about everything. Why the sky was blue, why dogs don’t talk and why fish didn’t drowned. It was such an amusing time as a parent. It was also a time I learned to pray a lot, for both patience and wisdom for the years to come.

This age of wonder, seeking to know things- when did it stop? Did it?
I think even as adults we still find joy in searching for answers and seeking out truth. After all, it was adults that weren’t content knowing there is a moon. They needed to know why. They wanted to go explore and dig below its surface to reveal the unknown. It was grownups that built the rocket ship, created the computer programs and climbed aboard Apollo 11 northbound to the big glowing crescent in the sky. Why, all because of curiosity, the need to know, the need to keep seeking until we have more answers.

It is true that sometimes wonder or curiosity can get us into trouble, but curiosity can also be the greatest catalyst for knowledge and growth. Longing to know and asking the right questions can lead us to the answers and places we have been searching for.

Could it be that God made us a curious creation so that we wouldn’t stop seeking the answers of life until it lead us back to the Creator? Perhaps God has put a homing device within us called “wonder” so that one day it would lead us back to our true home- Heaven!

Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV), tells us “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Yes, God wants us to seek him with all our heart. He wants us to search for Him with all our being, and when we do He promises that we will find Him.

Seeking after God brings me back to playing Hide and Seek with my own children. I knew that I couldn’t hide in difficult to find places or they would never find me. And because I wanted to be found, I chose to hide seemingly in the open. I would choose to hide as a big bump behind the curtain with my feet sticking out. I would change it up and hide under the dining room table where they could see me if they just looked down. Sometimes I would throw a blanket over myself and curl up in the middle of the floor. Why, because I wanted to be found! That is how our loving Father in Heaven is. Not only does God want to be found, His Word tells us that He is eager to be found. God is looking for those that are searching for Him.

Psalm 14:2 The Passion Translation (TPT)
“The Lord looks down in love,
bending over heaven’s balcony,
looking over all of Adam’s sons and daughters.
He’s looking to see if there is anyone who acts wisely,
any who are searching for God and wanting to please him.”

As His children, when we seek Him we will find Him hiding right in the open. We will find Him, wanting to be found.

Never lose the wonder. Never lose the hunger to seek and search for more because when God is found He will always look to take us deeper. His desire is to draw us into a deeper and more beautiful relationship with Him. We were made to wonder by the one who holds all the answers. Let’s keep seeking the deep things of God.