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Wave Conference Blog – Day 22

July 22, 2018

I Found Him!

Blog by Chris Moore

I am a father of 3 amazing kids (2 daughters & 1 son). One of their favorite games is playing Hide & Seek in the Dark. I am a master hider and often I hear them yelling joyfully around the house “Where are you daddy?” I love the anticipation of being found by them when I hear them walk near to where I’m hiding. Then it’s total pandemonium when they finally find me. “I FOUND DADDY!!!” the kids yell so loudly the whole neighborhood can hear. I grab them, hug them and start celebrating with them. The smile on their face when they find me is priceless. Of course I’m smiling because I love seeing the joy on their faces and being found by them.

Sometimes we can feel like God is hiding from us or that He is distant and we feel alone. But God is not distant nor is He hiding to be away from us. Often times He has gone ahead of us, preparing good things for us, and He is waiting for us to seek and find Him.

“…..He rewards those who [earnestly and diligently] seek Him.”

God loves you and desires to have a vibrant, daily relationship with you. God delights when we seek to be with Him, to find His wisdom, to desire to be in His presence. God wants to be found by you and bless you, like a good father who loves and blesses his child(ren).

God wants us to seek Him regularly and be found by us. And we know, our lives will be blessed and fulfilled the more time we spend with God.

Each year, when I attend Wave Conference, I leave refreshed, closer to God, with renewed vision and full of energy/passion to see more people reached for Jesus personally and through our ministry teams. Our friends and ministry teams leave the same way. I love hearing each person’s account of all that God does in the during conference week. Each year is different and somehow better than the previous years. God is always up to something new and something fresh.

So seek God right now and find Him and His presence. He wants you & me to find Him. Get registered for Wave Conference 2018 at and then we will seek, experience and see all the amazing things God will do in and during Wave Conference this year.

We believe your best is yet to come!