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Being Stretched Out Of My Comfort Zone

January 24, 2018

This blog has been written by one of our much loved middle school girls. She has grown up in our church and now attends Royal Youth (our churches Youth Group). She is one of the kindest and most sincere young women of God that you could meet and her love for Jesus and passion for those that don’t know Him yet often challenge women and leaders who know her.

I want to tell you a true story about me and one of my best friends ever! I have a really good friend and we are very close. We met in sixth grade on the first day of school. I was sitting near the back of the bus and she sat next to me. We were both so excited to finally be in middle school. I had seen her at my elementary school and I guess she just saw a familiar face. Maybe God wanted her to meet me so we could be friends. On the bus, we talked and had fun and that’s how we became friends! We hung out after school, told each other secrets, had lockers next to each other, and even tried out for the same sports. I could go on and on but let’s skip a few months forward …

I had been in youth for a little while, and the leaders were encouraging us to invite new people. I had been thinking about inviting my friend, but there was a voice inside me saying,

“She is going to think it’s weird!”

“She won’t like it at all!”

“She’s not gonna be able to come!”

Sadly I listened to the voice of doubt and I wished I could have the courage to ask her to come to youth with me. Until one day I ignored the voice and just went up and asked her! She replied that she would ask her mom and really wanted to go! Of course I was thrilled that there was a chance that my best friend could meet Jesus – the love she has been searching for all her life!

Wednesday came and I was sad to hear that my friend couldn’t come because she had horseback riding. I went to youth feeling like I lost the battle to lead my friend in the right direction.

The next week I asked her on Monday instead so it wouldn’t be last minute. Again she said she wouldn’t be able to make it! Yet again my hopes were down, but I decided not to give up! Each week I would get turned down every time I asked her. Soon, I was scared to be let down and I just stopped asking altogether.

A couple months later, I really wanted to ask her one last time to come to youth. One night after school I texted her and invited her again. I told her it would really make me happy and I am sure she would love it a lot. Later she texted me back saying she was so sorry, and I was very confused.

“About what?” I texted back.

“I have been making excuses about not being able to come to your youth group,” she replied. “I am a horrible friend!”

“What?!?” No, you are not!” I texted back in shock.

“Yeah, I am. I lied to you!” she answered.

“No, it’s ok! You’re the best-est friend I could ever have!” I said to her.

“Ok…” she texted back. “The reason I can’t ever come is that my mom doesn’t want me to go.”

At that time I agreed not to invite her anymore. I keep praying for her and hoping one day she will come.

This year I decided to try again. I believe this will be the year that she will come to youth and meet Jesus!

This whole experience has helped me have the courage to reach out to people and reminds me of these verses in Romans 15:1-2 (MSG)…

“Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”

Who can you help this year?