Devoted Blog


February 1, 2018

Hello beautiful

Wow can you believe we are just weeks away from Devoted 2018? I truly hope you will join us on this journey and can I ask you to be praying for us as we prepare in the lead up to what I know for sure will be an amazing few days. Amazing because the God we know and love always takes our breath away when His daughters gather. Amazing because we have a team preparing who always go above and beyond. Amazing because you will be there and your presence will add so much to what happens throughout Devoted.

I’m reminded each year that this conference is such a gift to us. God in His absolute love for us, purposed for us to gather. I remember the prophetic word that came, that spoke of ‘our building being filled with women’ and I smile as we are now living in those days. When I could feel nervous, or intimidated by all that is involved, I rest in the confidence that what God says He will do, He does.

This year our theme is ‘We’re Better Together’ and honestly these simple words reach across so many barriers we find in our world today. Barriers of isolation, race, status, comparison, age, background, fame, fortune, etc. etc. Quite honestly the list of barriers is endless. But what I know for sure is that God ‘builds us together’ to fulfill His purpose on the earth. If we fully grasp this, our world would undergo a revolution of love, peace and unity. I know these can seem impossible days in which we live, BUT I’m more convinced than ever that a company of women who gather under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, unified with a mantra to make the world a better place can and will accomplish much. And in it all Jesus will be exalted, lives will be greatly impacted, and lost souls will be saved. Ahhh the impact is vast and glorious for the Kingdom of God.

Sitting here thinking about you all I just smile. I smile because each of you are gorgeous, capable, wonderful and fun to be with. And I smile because I envision what together means. Together we can see so much GOOD happen. Together we can encourage and cheer one another on. Together brings strength. Together brings a lifeline. Together brings a shoulder, a listening ear. Together brings voices that sing out praise to our God. Together brings laughter and hilarity. Together brings stability and comfort. Truth is we are so much better together.

I love this verse in Psalm 133.1 ‘Behold how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live TOGETHER in unity.’
So sweetheart lets pray and believe together for a remarkable, God-kissed Devoted Conference, 2018.

Love you dearly
Sharon xx

PS Every Thursday we will be fasting for Devoted. We would love you to join us by either fasting all day, or even just one meal as we seek God for “His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.”