Caleb Generation

Caleb Generation is Wave Church’s fifties and over group. There is quite a large group of Caleb’s in the church, and these are the people who have a huge part to play within the life of the church.

Caleb Generation consists of people who have lived life having gained wisdom to offer the future generations. They have a zest for life and are willing to do whatever it takes to help grow the Kingdom of God. We are not an “old mindset” group but we are active in various areas and departments of Wave Church, playing an impressive role in Wave City Care with the great work they do for the community.

We meet every three months in a large gathering for “Celebration” where we have food, fun and fellowship. These events are a great way for Caleb’s to meet and inspire each other. These happen either at our Great Neck or Seaboard campuses always on a Friday Night at 7:00pm.


We also have smaller Community Groups that meet on a monthly basis. This is where we share in a more intimate setting and pray for one another. There are many different groups and something for everyone!

We are a group that desires to see wonderful things done for our generation and the following generations. We will never give up asking and reaching out to see it accomplished.

For more information on Caleb Generation, contact Pastor Robert Cameron at or 757.641.5724