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Day 16 – Devoted Daily Devotional

February 16, 2020
DAY 16
Devotional by Sarah Hummel
There is an old saying that goes, “man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done”. Who else can relate to all the responsibilities women carry? When I look at the long to-do list of things needing my attention, I often wonder how I can accomplish it all. And it’s not just all the tasks, it’s the emotional investment into everything we do. I’ve imagined the above saying exists because us women always feel pulled toward an extra calling of caring for everyone and everything around us. We obsess about all the tiny details. We know that our presence and care can literally set the tone for the day of the people we care about.
Personally, I carry a lot on my plate. I am a wife of 20 years, I have three children, I serve my church, I support my friends, and I oversee a college filled with incredible staff, faculty, and students. It keeps me busy, and when I’m not careful, I get really wrapped up in my little whirlwind of a world. It’s an honor to carry such great responsibility, but when I allow myself to just focus on my world, and the work to be done, I tend to not have enough hours in my day to manage it all.
There was a day that I had the revelation that I needed to be more intentional with my days. That God created me for a bigger reason than just the tasks I see, He wanted me to stay awake to the world around me. He wanted me to be more present and effective in the responsibilities He had entrusted me with, not closed up in the tight circle of my life. He wanted me to get outside my world and look to see who else I could serve. He wanted me to have enough margin to be interruptible, and notice the opportunities that existed for me to show God’s love and share His truth.
The thing I discovered, is that humans can really fall asleep at the wheel of life if we’re not intentional. Going through the motions and letting our minds doze off throughout the day will keep our bodies and emotions in a state of worry and anxiety.  This is letting life happen to us instead of purposefully happening to life!  What if I told you, my secret is that by adding something to my schedule, I actually have more time? That’s right – by adding one little thing, I create space to breathe and I accomplish more. It’s called prayer and fasting!
When I remove distraction and ask God to speak into my day, it’s amazing what happens. I always pray for wisdom to accomplish His will. This helps me in so many practical ways. I get new clarity about how to schedule my day. I gain understanding of what is mine to handle and what can be handed off to someone else. I give my worries and fears to Him. I get boldness and a confidence boost.
Each of us have the same amount of hours in a day/week/year. I intend to use the time on earth God has given me to serve Him with everything I have. I want to pour my life out as an offering to Him, and to me volunteering in my church is a key part of serving Him. To me serving doesn’t mean volunteering somewhere that seems fun or interests me. It doesn’t mean taking care of my responsibilities. It means to give of myself where it best meets a need. To sacrificially give of myself to make church better for others. This is where serving is next level in effectiveness. AND I believe this is where we truly start living.
God creates us women uniquely as nurturers. He wants us to accomplish all that He’s called us to do. Let His strength and His higher calling be your fuel to serve others.
Lord, please help me to be all you’ve called me to be – for my family, for those I do life with, and for those that come along my path that don’t know You yet. I commit all that I put my hands to, to You Jesus and ask You to direct my path – that all I do would bring honor and glory to Your name! AMEN.