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Don’t Worry. You’ll Get There.

January 1, 2020

Blogger: Polly Boyette

This past summer I badly injured my leg in an accident that involved a retractable leash and a 104 lb. Golden Retriever. My leg was fractured and all the muscles and ligaments were badly twisted. To boot, my leg was locked in the straight position. The injury required surgery and wearing a torturous brace on my leg for six weeks. I counted down the days until the brace would finally come off and I would be able to walk normally once again.

When the day finally arrived for removing the brace I was very excited. However, when the brace was removed I discovered I still could not bend my leg. It was still stuck in the straight position. I was so disappointed. The doctor explained that he was only able to correct the broken bone during surgery and reattach my ACL. It would take lots of physical therapy to get my leg back to bending and get me off crutches. The doctor could see my disappointment and said, “Don’t Worry. You’ll get there.”

On the first day of physical therapy I had so much anxiety I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. I guess I was expecting the therapist to grab my leg and twist it like a pretzel. The therapy pushed my limits and was very painful at times. The therapist could see the pain on my face. Then she would put her hand on my shoulder and say, “Don’t worry. You’ll get there.”

I would sit at the stationary bike and try to see how far my leg would let me push it. I couldn’t make it all the way around. It was just a back and forth motion. The person next to me would be whizzing their legs around that cycle at top speed. I felt discouraged, but the other person would smile at me and reassure me, “Don’t Worry. You’ll get there.”

Finally, after two months my therapist informed me that my sessions had come to an end. I had to progress on my own. I had to push myself to keep moving and exercising to continue the healing process. Once again the therapist could see I was unsure about leaving to progress on my own with no more assistance from the therapy team I had come to trust and like. But she smiled and reassured me that eventually, I would get there.

My journey through this healing process very much reminds me of my walk with God. It’s not always about what I want, when I want it. Some seasons can be very hard and I feel I may never reach the other side of it. Along the way I may struggle and doubt God, but if I stay the course and do the hard work, I learn confidence, trust and obedience. I also learn to let go of things I’m clinging to and learn how to lean on Him for everything I need. God’s way is not always fast and convenient or even easy, but if I put my complete trust in Him and listen for His voice I can hear Him whisper, “Don’t worry. You’ll get there.