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Faithful Redeemer

October 4, 2017

A Personal Testimony By Tara Whalley

When I look back over my life there are two words that come to mind regarding our God; redeemer and faithful.  

He has been faithful to me from the day I was born.  I was given up for adoption, and He gave me to a family that took care of me and raised me with core values.  My parents taught me an amazing work ethic and what it takes to succeed in life.  They raised me in church, but for them it was religion so I never really understood relationship.  

After high school I searched for acceptance and love from men.  My value came from their attention and so that’s what I would seek.  Once I thought I found THE one, and yet I still sought after male attention.  I didn’t understand the value of marriage.  I married the first time thinking, “I can get out of this” and I was not a good wife. I would often turn to alcohol to cope with the life that I was not happy in.  

God protected me, and others, from my actions.  After my decision to give my life to Christ, He redeemed so much in my life; My beautiful daughter was born out of that marriage; one thing I had desired my entire life.  

The biggest redemption for me is my marriage.  I am married to my best friend who I love so very much.  He loves me so well and shows me God’s love every day.  I am so very thankful for my marriage.  It has not always been easy but God has taught me so much through the hard times. 

He continues to be faithful even in those times. God was faithful to me even when I was not sure He existed.  He gave me the desire of my heart, in my daughter and husband.  He was faithful protecting me from all my poor decisions. With every ounce of my being I love our God and I live to serve Him and give all glory and honor to Him!

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