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Movie night with the Chandlers (Open to all)

Each week we will watch one movie (on our own time) and every Tuesday night we will get together via Zoom to discuss it. I will provide a sheet to fill out for each movie that you can use as a guide for our discussions. I challenge every participant to put your phones away while watching and immerse yourself in each film! It will include general things to consider such as: 1. Themes 2. Plot 3. Personal Thoughts/Opinions Plus technical items to pay attention to like: 1. Direction 2. Cinematography 3. Sound Design 4. Editing In order to provide a variety of film types we will be watching the following movies (all are available on Netflix): 1. Two Popes (Contemporary and Theological) 2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Foreign Language) 3. American Factory (Documentary) 4. The Stranger (Classic Cinema) 5. Inception (New Classic) If we have an additional week to watch we will vote on the next film!


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Devon Chandler

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Tuesday, 8:00 PM

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