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This Marriage Builder series is for singles, dating couples, engaged couples and married couples. Marriage is not just about two people. It involves our parents and our past - the experiences that play roles in our emotional health and the way we interact, or fail to, with one another. To determine our emotional health and that of our spouse strengthens our marriage. Learn how to resolve the issues of your past - hurts, rejections, abuse, bitterness, inner vows, and the pressures of previous marriages and relationships. Discover how to set realistic expectations in your marriage - how to meet the needs of your spouse and work through issues together, instead of against one another. Find out how to determine emotional trouble spots in your marriage and how to deal with them. Hear how to create an atmosphere of emotional openness in your marriage - how to have the best marriage in the world. You may register by emailing us at or texting us at 757-401-3474. Once you have registered, you will be sent more information. Please provide the following information: Both of your Names Your phone numbers Your email addresses

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Virginia Beach, 23454

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Kathi Driscoll

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Tuesday, 7:00 PM

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