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My Two Sons

June 17, 2020

Blogger: Jim Owens

I have the best two sons in the world. Many have asked me how I raised them to be such fine, successful men. I always say that I raised them in hindsight of my own life – of lessons learned the hard way. I believe children become what you pour into them. I look back on the things I didn’t have poured into me; affection, affirmation and indisputable love. My relationship with my father was a challenge, so I wanted to make sure my children had these things as a firm foundation to propel them forward.

Giving my life to Christ was the best gift I ever gave my children. It enabled me to model Christ to them. I remember one morning the boys were arguing – Spencer was three years old and Chad was seven. I called them over and asked them what the problem was. Spencer, the youngest, was very angry and said “I hate him”.  I replied “Don’t you know the Bible says you are not supposed to hate anyone”? Spencer replied “I can’t read”! So Bible reading became part of our routine after that!

We also need the help of many. Sunday School teachers, Youth Pastors, and Senior Pastors were so instrumental in forming core values in my sons. Today my sons are very successful in their careers and are also leaders in their church. My children’s children love God and are being taught Godly principles by my sons. I see the hand of God on my family, bringing with it generational blessings. It took a team, but the first step – to follow Jesus, was mine.

My best advice to fathers is;

  • Laugh often
  • Love unconditionally
  • Pray for guidance
  • Model Christ before them
  • Take them to church so others can pour into them

It’s never too late to begin!