Comparison Trap


From the early days of childhood, when an older sibling or a good friend gets something we wanted, it begins, comparison. The desire to compare our lives with others is strong and universal. Without proper boundaries, we can fall prey to the comparison trap even as we grow into adulthood, For women in particular, the talk of comparison with others seems to be near constant voice in our heads. As hard as we work to be our best, the truth is, there will always be someone else who has more alent, a bigger car, a bigger paycheck, and maybe even more well-behaved children. When we give our time over to comparison, it robs us of the joy that God has put in our own lives and blinds us to His blessings. The life of a believer calls us to learn to be content in all seasons and to celebrate the accomplishments in the lives of others. God wants us to enjoy the gift of a relationship that He has given us. In this message, Pastor Sharon Kelly teaches us how to be happy with the life that God has gifted to us.