Grace & Truth


The Bible tells us that we are to walk in both grace and truth, but often we struggle to balance these two seemingly contradictory aspects of faith. Some Christians have used truth as a means to condemn, while others have used grace as justification to continue living a life of sin. The reality is both work in tandem to bring our lives into the fullness of God’s plan and purpose. In particular, modern culture has entered an era of pervasive permissiveness when it comes to human sexuality and morality. In this message series, Pastor Steve Kelly gives a biblical response to the growing debate concerning the homosexual and alternative lifestyles. He encourages Christians to avoid the harsh condemnation embraced by some Christian leaders but he also warns of the dangers of being seduced by modern “tolerance”. We must speak the truth with love and trust the Holy Spirit. As followers of Jesus and a representation of the Bride of Christ, we can’t afford to curse the darkness. We must be a light of grace and truth.