Devoted Blog

The Lie of Insignificance

February 27, 2017

Blog by Ashby Shafer

What does it mean to belong? A few definitions say it means to be a part of something, or to fit in. The world says to belong you have to fit into its certain criteria, you have to drive a certain car, wear a certain size and make a certain salary. However, in Gods family the Bible states, “each one of you is part of it”.

1 Corinthians 12:27 NIV

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is part of it.”

In Corinthians chapter 12 it talks about how we need each other. The eye cannot say to the hand that it does not need you, each part plays a significant role. Even the seemingly least “significant” part is absolutely necessary. If there was no hand we couldn’t write, if we had no eye lashes our eyes wouldn’t be protected, if we had no teeth we couldn’t eat all the yummy foods. Needless to say if there was no YOU the body of Christ would be lacking. You are meant to be here, you bring something significant to the family that we would all lack without you.

For many years it was hard for me as I went through life not really knowing what I was doing here. Others didn’t see much potential in me, and I didn’t either. I would wake up just hoping one day I would get married have kids and hope they would be the ones to do the spectacular things. That was a lie I was living in until I met my Savior Jesus Christ and I was welcomed opened armed into Gods family. I knew this was where I belonged. My prayer for you today is that you will stop believing the lie of insignificance and start believing the truth. We are not perfect, but in order to do this life we all need each other.

That is one of the main reasons why I love Devoted Conference you get a sense of belonging to God’s family, belonging to the Most High King. No matter what car you drive, size you wear or salary you make Devoted Conference is a place where everyone has a sense of belonging. One of my favorite moments is when all God’s daughters are lifting their hands surrendering to Him and just being in His presence, there truly is nothing like it. You walk away feeling, bolder, more confident, and with a great family of women to walk through this Christian Journey with.