Devoted Blog

Wave Conference Blog – Day 26

July 26, 2018


Blog By Bill Mozingo

For the entirety of our life, we spend most of our time seeking. When we are younger, we spend time seeking our next playmate or what new adventure we can pursue. In our middle years, we seek other things, like independence or a girlfriend or boyfriend. As we get older, we start to seek things that weigh into our future like a career or a spouse. We are always seeking. Daily seeking can look like this: what do I want for lunch, or looking for an interesting book, or your next TV show to binge watch. If you’re a parent, perhaps you’re seeking surrounds a little peace and quiet (AMEN). Seeking. It’s what we’ve always done and it’s what we will continue to do. It’s not a new thing either. Since the beginning, man has been seeking, searching, for something. The challenge is that most of the time, when it comes to the things that really matter, we honestly don’t know what we are seeking after. We have longings, but we only really know what we were searching for when we actually attain that with which our soul was seeking. This happened to the disciples. They met Jesus and suddenly they were given a purpose. If you had asked them the day before Jesus called each one to follow him if they were seeking, they probably would’ve said no. However, in John 6, the disciples make it very clear that Jesus had what they had been seeking all along; they just didn’t know it. This is exactly what happened to Darrah and I at our first Wave Conference.

We both got saved in our twenties at Wave Church. We were seeking something more in life but we just didn’t know it until we found it. What we found was a life filled with so much purpose and hope that it flowed through every aspect of our lives. It changed how we lived, how we spoke, how we thought and how we interacted with people. Yet, through all the excitement and newness of being saved, we still had doubts. Doubts about the “realness” of this decision that we had made to follow Jesus. We had doubts about whether this was a fad, or just a local movement here in Virginia Beach. It was at our first Wave Conference that those doubts were dismantled. When we saw the passion of a group of people from all over the world, there to focus on the love and life changing power of Jesus, we knew that we had found the real thing. It opened our eyes to the bigness of our God, and to the power of the local church making a difference in different communities all over the globe. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it now! We were so blown away that we decided then and there to commit to Jesus and never look back.

We’ve been to a lot of conferences since then and heard a lot of preachers and teachers share around the Word of God. As I’m writing this blog (and hopefully as you’re challenged in the same way as you’re reading it) I’m challenged to remember my approach at my first conference. I was hungry, raw and open to being changed. I was so expectant, although I didn’t know for what. Now, as I’ve heard a lot of teaching, I can come in thinking “I’ve heard it all.” NO! God is ready to do something new and fresh! He’s ready to speak new things over my life, my family’s life, my marriage. Am I ready to listen? Am I open and raw to hear? Can I set aside my “I’ve heard it all” attitude to focus in on the still small voice of the Holy Spirit? Point blank: Am I ready to seek God in the way that I did 14 years ago? Because the truth is, God has never once stopped seeking me.