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Wave Conference Blog – Day 5

July 5, 2018

Sneak, If You Must

Blog by Beth Green

A glimmer of sunlight penetrates the bedroom window blinds that had been pulled the night before. All it takes is a glimmer of sunlight, and I awaken to the beckoning of a new day. “The sun is awake, so I am awake.” My eyes open for a short second, but sleep pulls hard, and my eyes keep closing.

Like many mornings, I strain to resist the temptation of an extra hour. But in the whisper chamber of my mind, I thank God for waking me up with the sunrise. This is just what I had asked him to do. I know that if my secret plans succeed, my day will unfold just as I need it to.

I peel back my warm, soft blanket and drop stiff legs onto the floor one at a time. Then, I begin to tip toe. Selfishly hoping that no one else hears and wakes up from their slumber trap, I move as quietly as possible. I sneak.

I sneak from my bedroom. I sneak through the hall. I sneak down the stairs. Making my way to our front door, I reach for the handle and squeeze it real slow, hoping to not get caught leaving the house. As my fuzzy-sock feet touch the cement of my front porch, I close the door softly behind me. And just like that. I am free.

The radiant morning sun greets me as if to say, “I knew you’d come!” I exhale triumphantly and find my usual wicker chair. “Yes, I made it!” The birds, already fully alive in their daily routines, are singing their morning songs. The sun is so bright that I close my eyes and sit contently in its warmth.

Finally…I breathe, and I pray.

I crave this time with God. I need this connection and empowerment in order to steward what has been given to me – as a spouse, a parent, a leader…a Christian. It is in the quiet of the morning that I invite the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit into the rest of my day. Sneaking away to seek God first is what steadies me and keeps my heart in alignment with His heart.

In the New Testament, we know that Jesus was in the practice of sneaking away in the morning. (Mark 1:35, Luke 4:42) Seeking his Father is what kept Christ on mission. So, if Jesus chose to SEEK (or sneak), then so will I.

King David also understood the power of this divine invitation as he wrote the 27th Psalm.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” – Psalm 27:8 (NLT)

Here’s what I’m learning. God desires this time as much as I do. He longs to be my first light and the first voice I want to hear. He wants me to face each day relying on His strength and not my own. My Father longs to provide all my needs…and add some sweet surprises on top. And here’s a revelation – God would have me to reach for Him first… and my phone later. When I start my day like this, everything else seems to fall into place. He is faithful.

Today, you can be confident of this -God takes pleasure in your every prayer. Seize those moments to seek Him as your source of significance, peace, wisdom, guidance, courage and joy. Seek Him as your portion. And sneak, if you must.

As soon as I sense that my soul has been sufficiently charged, my quiet time concludes as I hear the stomping feet of our 7-year old son hurrying through the house. He is discovering a new morning. Now he is seeking me. My day is about to get loud and busy. Good thing I’m ready for this.