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Wave Conference Devotional – Day 10

July 10, 2019
DAY 10
Devotional by Timna Jones

Abortion. Eating Disorder. Abuse. Addictions. Stealing. Drugs. Impure… This was my list for not living a LIMITLESS life. All of my “reasons.” The reasons why I could never be who God was calling me to be. The reasons why no man would ever pick me to be his wife. The reasons why I shouldn’t become a mom one day. The reasons why I kept everyone in my life at a distance.

Before I became a Christian 12 years ago, I placed some pretty serious LIMITS on my life. I believed the lies of the enemy so deeply that I was convinced that if anyone knew the real me, all the mistakes and bad things I had done, that I would never be loved by anyone. I made a vow that I would keep many of these issues a secret forever.

The issue with that is that the enemy reigns in the hidden places of our lives. I lived in that evil, dark place full of LIMITS for several years. It left me broken and alone. When I surrendered my life to Jesus and was set free of these LIMITATIONS, my life completely changed. I am so grateful that Jesus showed me that there is freedom in His name, that nothing I have ever done disqualifies me from my God given destiny.

12 years in and each season of life God still graciously opens my eyes to a LIMIT I have placed on myself, and really on Him. I’m so grateful that the work is never done…that God has more and more and more for us. If you are like I used to be, with a list of reasons why you can never be who God has called you to be, I want to encourage you to think about what that list would look like in the hands of God. What would happen if you allowed God to speak truth into those lies? I have a feeling that list would look something like this: Redeemed. Forgiven. Healed. Set free. Pure. Healthy. Worthy. Today, these are the reasons why I am actively dedicated to being who God has called me to be, have an amazing man of God who did in fact chose me to be his wife, I am a mom to the cutest red head that has ever walked Earth and the reasons why I have deep, rich, loving relationships with so many amazing people.

I wonder what would happen if we all set out to live in the LIMITLESSNESS of who God is. Let’s make it a goal to always be identifying where we have set LIMITS in our life because of a lie we believe. Something I like to do in my quiet time with the Lord is ask Him 3 questions: “What is a lie I believe about myself?” “What is a lie I believe about God?” & “What is a lie I believe about my husband?” I am always blown away by what God opens my eyes to.

If you feel compelled, join me in this prayer today…

Jesus, I invite you to open my eyes to the LIMITS I have placed on You. Show me where I struggle to trust in who You are. I ask for forgiveness for placing LIMITS on You and I declare that from this day forward I set out to see You for who You are, a LIMITLESS God. AMEN!