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Wave Conference Devotional – Day 12

July 12, 2019
DAY 12
Devotional by Joe Riddle

Marianne Williamson said “God is limitless in His love, and asks that we at least make the effort to be limitless in ours.” Think about what that word limitless means… no really, I encourage you to stop reading for a moment and let the implications of that word unpack themselves in your mind.

For many of us, we understand our problems far better than we understand God and His promises. One of the many things I love about Wave Conference is that I always walk away from it with a better understanding of who God is and His heart towards me. Perhaps the most dangerous place a Christian could find themselves is in thinking that he/she has God all figured out. When a Christian thinks he knows exactly how God is going to act in a given situation, he can rest assured he has exchanged the adventure of life with a limitless God for the sad alternative of putting God in a proverbial box.

So what about you? Have you put God in a box? What if I said God has more of His nature, His power, His strength, His love, His provision, His wisdom—His creative force!—to release in the midst of your current season when we gather together at Wave Conference? Psalm 147 confidently asserts that “Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what He knows and does…”

I’m thankful that for all the things God could have chosen to be limitless in towards us He ultimately chose to be limitless in His love. It’s who He is; it’s His very nature to love you. He has more to show you in these special days ahead of us. The question is: are you still pressing in? Are you still pursuing Christ as your first love? It is so easy to make the shift from loving Jesus to loving Him for what He can do for us. Let us be a people who love the Giver of gifts more than we love the gifts that He gives.

Remember, we are made in the image of God. So if God is limitless in His love then I too should make the effort to be limitless in my love towards Him. Sometimes, when people talk about following Jesus, they avoid the concept of applying personal effort at all costs—because, after all, the Christian life is a gift of grace… right? True this life with Christ is a gift BUT it is a gift that elicits a response of total devotion from us. I’ve learned through years of parenting that devotion requires effort. Dallas Willard put it like this: “God is opposed to earning BUT He is not opposed to effort.”

I encourage you to make the effort of prioritizing our upcoming Wave Conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us in the powerful presence of our limitless God! It may be a challenge to arrange your schedule, but that’s ok. Remember this call to follow Jesus is a call to a life of devotion. One thing I know for sure: I’ve never regretted exchanging the limited for the limitless. I believe that you will feel the same way after being a part of the incredible encounter with God and His church that is going to take place at our upcoming time together at Wave Conference 2019.