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Wave Conference Devotional – Day 20

July 20, 2019
DAY 20
Devotional by Derek Holser 
Psalm 147:5 (MSG) tells us “Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what He knows and does.” As we prepare our hearts for all that God wants to reveal and do at Wave Conference 2019, it’s important to remember this truth. Though we get a glimpse from time to time, we can never fully comprehend His majesty, His glory, His grace.

It’s perfectly natural and rational that we can never comprehend all that God knows and does. Over one hundred years ago, in his essay Introduction to the Book of Job, G.K. Chesterton wrote, “The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of men.”
Chesterton’s expression eloquently reminds us that it is more beneficial to trust God, even when we don’t understand. The alternative, to reject God and place our reliance in the limited and incomplete answers found in our own minds or the minds of others is not only foolish, it’s foolhardy.
A limitless God shouldn’t be expected to fit within the confines of our finite understanding. A limitless God shouldn’t be constrained to a list of wishes and wants, like a cosmic Santa Claus. A limitless God should be wonderful in the historical sense of the word – inducing wonder and mystery unparalleled. A limitless God should be awesome in the historical sense of the word – inducing awe and reverence at His power and passion.
Thus, the book of Job provides us with a fitting context for Wave Conference 2019’s theme: Limitless. Through this ancient text, various characters offer their opinion on the nature of God and the awful tragedies which have befallen Job, by all accounts a righteous man. Yet, despite finding himself in abject misery and debilitating pain, Job remains dedicated to this understanding – that God is limitless and man is limited.
Therefore, God has an awareness – and answers – that we will never understand. Yet, even in the hardship, it is this very truth that sustains. If we could fully understand God, what would be the point of His existence? If we were as strong as God, as knowledgeable as God, as wise as God, we would have to agree He wasn’t much of a God. Oh, but He is. He is limitless.
Near the end of the book, Job cries out to God and seemingly is unable to find Him. How many of us have felt like Job? How many of us have experienced the interminable delay between begging for His help and waiting for something – anything – that shows He cares?
George MacDonald, writing in the mid-1800’s, expressed a remarkable revelation about God and Job…
“He cannot find Him! Yet is he in His presence all the time, and Job’s words enter into the ear of God his Savior. The grandeur of the poem is that Job pleads his cause with God against all the remonstrance of religious authority, recognizing no one but (his limitless) God. And grandest of all is that he implies that God owes something to us. This is the beginning of the greatest discovery of all – that God owes Himself to us, for He has made us in His image, and so He has made us incapable of living without Him. This, our highest claim upon Him, is His divinest gift to us. For the fulfilling of our claim He has sent His Son, that He may himself, the father of him and us, follow into our hearts.”
May Wave Conference 2019 reveal just a bit more of our limitless God in your life. May His wonder and majesty compel us to declare, just like Job, though we will never fully understand God, we will always trust Him for He is LIMITLESS!