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Wave Conference Devotional – Day 27

July 27, 2019
DAY 27
Devotional by Chad Braswell
Do you remember being a kid sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day? What an amazing spread of food it was. I remember my eyes getting so big as I would try and decide what to eat first. Between the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn and biscuits I certainly had a lot of choices in front of me, as well as a lot to be thankful for. However as scrumptious as it all looked, everything changed the moment I saw the pies make their debut. In the blink of an eye all I wanted was my slice of pie. I can still remember trying to slip away to sneak a slice before I had ever finished my meal. My parents would always catch me and say, “You can’t have that until you eat this”. (Pointing at my barely touched dinner plate.) As I looked around the room and saw how many others were there, I knew they must also be excited about that deliciously sweet pumpkin pie. What if they were eyeing that tasty pecan pie too? As I made my way back to the table I began doing what any young kid would do. I ate everything on my plate as fast as humanly possible. Why, because I was worried that if other’s finished before me they would get my slice of pie. Though I may not have been a mathematician I knew if everyone chose the pie I wanted, there wouldn’t be a slice left. After all there was a limited amount of pie on site.

Many people transfer this same thought process to their relationship with God. They worry somehow, someway, someone else is going to get their slice, someone is going to get their blessing. When we believe God works from a pie we will always worry about our cut. Let me reassure you that when God chooses to bless someone else it does not hinder His ability to do the same for you.

We can all be thankful that God is not in the pie business. When we understand His abilities should be likened to a river that never runs dry we no longer have to worry about our share. Living with this revelation allows us to begin thinking, praying and acting like our God really is more than enough! Psalms 107:1 says it like this, “ Oh, thank God – He’s so good! His love never runs out. “ –The Message. If something never runs out, it is limitless in nature. It will never run out because it cannot run out.

When we understand our God is limitless by nature we can take a rest from the rat race and instead rest in our son-ship. We are sons and daughters of the most high. His love never runs out towards us. His mercies are new every morning. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will continue to be our provider. He is limitless in His grace and forgiveness and is relentless in His pursuit of us.

So let’s take God out of the boxes we have put Him in. Let’s no longer limit our limitless God by our limited faith. Instead let’s stir our faith and believe for the impossible because in Jesus, all things are possible.