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Wave Conference 2017 Sponsors

Thanks you for supporting Wave Conference

Worlds of Wow! is the #1 company to partner with when you are looking to create spaces that engage kids and families. Churches, pediatric dental offices, malls, family entertainment centers and more are where we do our best work. The truth is, we are all still kids at heart! So when we are invited into your space to begin dreaming with you, we can’t help ourselves the creative juices just start flowing and an original theme and design specifically for your environment begins to come to life. We are the only company that provides theming and play together as a single source.

   Worlds Of Wow!








S&S Productions is one of the leading production companies in Hampton Roads area. Offering production services for both musical and corporate events as well as church consulting on all things production, S&S Productions is committed to providing custom solutions that excite and inspire every client.

S&S Productions