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Imagine Screens was birthed out of our Church’s pursuit for an LED screen. Our qualifications were high. Main goals were low latency, excellent video/images for stage background as well as broadcast a quality picture to our IMAGs, live stream, and TV. While many screens looked fantastic, it was when we put a camera on them, the flaws rose to the surface. We found some quality screens out there, but they would come at a price twice our budget. We now have a design with top grade components delivering the broadcast quality we were looking for.

Today, our brand is certified, licensed and trademarked in the U.S.A. We call it Imagine Screens. When you see what an Imagine Screen can do to enhance your brand or church environment, we’re confident you will share our enthusiasm!

   Imagine Screens








S&S Productions is one of the leading production companies in Hampton Roads area. Offering production services for both musical and corporate events as well as church consulting on all things production, S&S Productions is committed to providing custom solutions that excite and inspire every client.

S&S Productions