Devoted Blog

Day 25

February 25, 2016

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”

Anyone ever actually tried to do that? To really, be still and just Know that He is God? It’s no joke! I mean, it sounds really good, but I get bored after about five minutes of sitting in meditative silence or I get frustrated with waiting on God to move in my situation. After countless prayers, I decide to just move on in my own strength, secretly harboring frustration and disbelief.

…… Wait, what???? Can somebody say control freak??? Where is my focus? Where is my confidence and faith? Where is my trust? Anyone ever had a moment like that?

My prayer for Devoted Conference is that we enter these days with confident expectation that God IS who He says He is, and that He CAN BE TRUSTED. That we can drop everything else at the door……how we think God should move in our lives, how we expect Him to move, and that we can truly let it go, quiet our minds and just BE with our God.

This year, lets be women of maturity who draw a line in the sand. No more settling for hollow faith. No more worry. No more fear. No more doubt. No more hoping for the miraculous in place of relationship. No more just waiting on God to move us. Let our worship, Move Him!

Let us choose to be women who are open, despite our feelings, despite how things have played out in the past, despite our doubts and fears, despite what we think might happen if we let Him close, the unknowns of losing control or coming undone. Despite how long we have faithfully believed God to intervene in our lives, despite the storms that rage….. Let us choose to TRUST by FAITH. To take Him at His word, and declare what IS true of Jesus.

We can ALWAYS Trust Him to be who HE REALLY IS.

Who He is, is Good,

Who He is, is Generous

Who He is, is Kind

Who He is, is Loving

Who He is, is Forgiving

Who He is, is Patient

Who He is, is Faithful

Who He is, is Fiercely Passionate about You.


Do you truly believe that? Honestly?

The God of the Angel Armies, The Creator of Heaven and Earth WILL BE PRESENT at Devoted Conference.  He longs to speak to you, Darling! Knowing that changes everything! Be still sweetheart, He just might surprise you with more than you could ever imagine!

It’s a choice, Beautiful.

Let’s pray in agreement: God, I pray that You would encounter each woman at Devoted Conference. That You would meet her exactly where she is, and that You would speak to her in words and ways she uniquely understands. God reveal Yourself to her. You do not expect her to be anything but exactly who she is. Illuminate her heart and mind to the fullness of who You Really Are, and how desperately You love her. Lord Your word says; You hem us in, behind and before. We are safe with You. You are sovereign and in control. Your plans for us are to prosper and not to harm us. You are good. Lord show each woman how lovely she is to You. You see her, You know her, and You desire to speak to her and to hear her voice. Help us believe that! Lord give us courage to trust You and to let go of anything that keeps us from being authentic and honest with You. Help us to let go of how we think things should be done. We release control to You and give You the space and permission to move in our lives. Help us to get out of our own way. We want to truly be still, to trust in You, no matter what. Help us to listen to You, and honor what we hear. God we need your presence. We fearlessly choose to trust You and to walk out of this conference in FREEDOM. The Freedom you promise. We give You full access to our hearts and ask that You have Your way at Devoted Conference. Because You are generous Lord, bring your FREEDOM.

Thank you Father. You are wonderful!