Devoted Blog

Day 27

February 27, 2016

I recently left a women’s meeting at church and found myself sitting in my car. I had no appointment to rush off to. It was not yet time to pick up the kids. I just sat there, enjoying the quiet and solitude. While sitting in my car, I began to reflect on the service I had just attended. The presence of the Holy Spirit was still so near.

In that moment I felt so content, but content is not an adequate word on its own. I felt at peace, refreshed, and nourished. An even better word than content would be grateful. I felt grateful to God – and I told Him. I also felt gratitude toward each one of the women who had just been in that meeting with me, because if they didn’t show up I would not have had the opportunity to experience the presence of God the way that I did.

As I sat in my car, I watched many different women exiting the church doors, some whose names I don’t even know. Each one headed to their cars just like me. Each one headed to the next part of their day. Watching lady after lady exit the church, I became filled with more gratitude. They had no idea I was watching them. I had no idea where they were going.  However, we had just experienced something powerful – together. Together we had been equipped with God’s Word and wise teaching. Together we had celebrated praise reports and interceded for the needs of our loved ones. Together we had entered into the presence of the living God and lifted Him up in a declaration of worship.

As I sat watching, I noticed how different each lady looked. Too many differences for me to even begin to write down. In this moment of gratitude, my attention to these differences became acute. I began praising God even more. Each woman was extraordinary and exceptional and I felt amazed by God’s creativity. I also thanked Him for creating me uniquely.

Just as the meeting would not have been the same without each of them, it would not have been the same without me. In valuing the richness of the uniqueness of those other women, God allowed me to see my unique qualities, abilities and attributes. Everything about me; My likes, my desires, my strengths, and the value of my dreams.

I love God’s heart for His people and Jesus’ desire for unity. He says in John 10:30, “The Father and I are one.” It cannot be disputed that the personage of Jesus and God the Father are different. It was Jesus’ difference from God the Father that equipped Him to be the one who would fulfill the plans set in motion since the beginning of time. However, the unity between the two is where the power was. It was absolutely essential. Without unity, the vision of redemption could not have been fulfilled.

My prayer as we come together at Devoted is that God will unify our hearts for His purpose. As we come together as His girls, that our differences would not yield insecurities or judgement, but rather strength and appreciation.

Lord, thank you that you have made us each incredibly unique.  We are designed for your purpose and glory. Thank you for giving me incredible women to walk alongside with.  Thank you that I am not alone, thank you that you strengthen me with these incredible women. In Psalm 133:3 you say that where there is unity you command your blessing. God, unify our hearts and bless us forevermore.


Leah Holser