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Wave Conference Blog – Day 17

July 17, 2018

Lost and Found

Blog By Rachel Campbell

I will never forget my 39th birthday. My husband Israel decided to throw a surprise party at Hermosa Beach with a bunch of our friends and their kids. It was a fantastic evening of laughs, beach volleyball, cupcakes melted by the sun and of course a very special ending to the whole day with a perfect Southern California Sunset. The smoggy LA city pollution haze somehow creates an orangey glow that sits over the Malibu Mountains and really, there’s just nothing like it!

At the end of the party, while everyone was packing up, I was visiting with a few girls while walking from the beach to the car. We were laughing and carrying on with great satisfaction of a well spent night. I got to the car to see Israel, Phoebe and Chloe all waiting for me. Israel then asked the life altering question… “where’s Silas???” In all of our fun and celebrating, somehow we lost our darling little 6 year old boy. I thought that he had gone ahead with Israel, while Israel assumed he was hanging out with me. By this time, it was pitch black and there were no street lights to help us out or give us any peace of mind. We all immediately ran straight back to the beach to find Silas standing alone and weeping in the place that he last saw us. It was scary, heart wrenching and a huge moment where I felt like I failed my son who trusted me to protect him. We hugged it out and in about 5 minutes, Silas’ tears had dried, his seat belt was wrapped around him in the back seat and his giggle had returned. Everything was back to normal in the Campbell family.

I will never forget that day because I really learned a valuable lesson in my relationship with God.

There was another mom who had lost her son in the Bible. It was Mary, and her son was Jesus. You can read the story in Luke 2. Basically, there was a moment where she lost her son. She couldn’t find him. She probably had that same sickening feeling that I did the moment I realized he wasn’t with me. But what did Mary do? She didn’t sit down and cry. She didn’t find her girlfriends to go into great detail about how she felt. She did the most important thing that all of us can learn so much from. She desperately and fiercely started to seek for him. She didn’t stop until she had. That was her natural response.

I have some encouragement, if Mary, the woman trusted to raise the son of God here on earth lost Jesus, chances are, we will have seasons where we lose Him too. I know I have. Of course I am not talking about losing my salvation or love for who Jesus is to me. I am talking about the many distractions and busy moments that can cause me to realize that I have started doing life without a personal interaction with God the way that I know I should. When those moments in our life happen, disappointment or maybe even shame can try to take hold of our heart. But I believe in those very moments, all we have to do is stop, tune our hearts back to God and begin to do the most powerful thing we can…SEEK!

I love what my little boy Silas did when he realized that we were separated. He went back to the place where he last knew I was there. How great is that lesson for all of us. If you feel like you can’t find or feel God, go back to the place in your life where you last knew He was there with you. Remind yourself of His love and goodness toward you. God never hides from us, but I do believe that He loves to be found by us. He loves it when we choose to pursue Him more. Let’s not allow anything to stop us from seeking our God in this next season of our lives!

Jeremiah 29:13 says,
“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
Wave Conference is just around the corner and the very theme is SEEK. What a perfect moment to realign every part of our lives and be found by God!