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Who We Are

Wave Outdoor Adventures’ mission is to connect and build relationships with current military service members, veterans, first responders, and their families in an outdoor setting with family outings, exciting and challenging outdoor adventures and activities. Understanding the sacrifices these individuals and their families have made or are making while serving their communities and country, WOA offers a safe environment to enjoy the great outdoors while at the same time helping some to overcome their past experiences, not be defined by them, and ensuring they have the opportunity to live lives of passion, purpose and service at home.


Many individuals currently serving in our military, veterans of past wars, and first responders working here in Hampton Roads suffer daily from physical and mental scars they receive/ed while serving our community and nation. These individuals suffer from mental anxieties, PTSD being one of the main issues they have to overcome when they return home from a deployment or mission. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may occur in response to a traumatic event. It is the most severe form of combat trauma. 48,000 US Veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq war have sought treatment for PTSD. Currently, one in three returning troops are being diagnosed with serious Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms. Less than 40% will seek help. These veterans’ suicide rate is almost twice the national average with almost 20 veterans taking their lives each day. PTSD also takes its toll on married life as 2 out of 3 marriages of those suffering from PTSD fail.

Many who suffer from combat trauma are reluctant to seek help from military or civilian channels because of how it could affect their records. Questions of mental illness could disqualify them from leadership and/or desirable assignments.

In 2013, it was determined Virginia had 777,314 veterans, with more than 230,784 of those veterans located in the Greater Hampton Roads area (this includes the Middle Peninsula, Williamsburg, and south to Isle of Wight and Suffolk). This means nearly 30% of all Virginia veterans live in our immediate area.

In every community here in Hampton Roads there are veterans who will never forget the nightmarish images and experiences of war. God cares deeply for these wounded warriors. Wave Outdoor Adventures is a bridge connecting veterans to God, the ultimate Healer. Many times healing begins when veterans discover they are not forgotten by America’s citizens and/or by God.


Who We Hope to Reach

Wave Outdoor Adventures will provide a safe environment for veterans and first responders to regroup, recharge, and have fun at one of our outdoor adventures.  These adventures are intended as a way for the individual to build a bridge to their community again, helping them to reconnect with the community, family and loved ones after a difficult deployment/assignment.  We will reach out but are not limited in working with:

  • Former soldiers suffering from service related issues and disabilities.
  • First responders, our police, fire and rescue members suffering from PTSD and other service related disabilities.


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Next Event: Fishing for Heroes

  • Friday, October 26th, 2018
  • Free to anyone who wants to come (First responder, active duty, or veteran). Only charge will be if you want your fish filet.
  • Arrive at 7:30am; fishing trip goes from 8am – 4pm.
  • Lunch and snacks catered by Chef by Design.
  • We will be fishing for Black Sea Bass (no one needs a license; the boat has one). Bait and tackle are included!


For more information, please email Joe Riddle.


WOA Ride Along Day & Dinner with the Firemen of Station #3



















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