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Wave Conference Devotional – Day 25

July 25, 2019
DAY 25
Devotional by Early Jackson

In 1969, America stepped across a threshold that would forever change how we related to what was out there beyond the sky. Until then, space travel had been a concept relegated to movies and the imaginations of little children around the world. But that is exactly what God uses to push past human limitations and take us on the journey of a lifetime. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin the first and second people, respectively, to walk on the Moon. July 21st represents the day everything changed.

“Let me say, as I sit here before you today having walked on the Moon, that I am myself still awed by that miracle. That awe, in me and in each of us… must be the engine of future achievement, not a slow dimming light from a time once bright.”
– Buzz Aldrin

The awe in which Buzz refers to is similar to what the Psalmist King David must have experienced when penning Psalm 145. In verse 11 David says;

“They will tell the world of the lavish splendor of your kingdom and preach about your limitless power.”
Psalm 145.11 TPT

In what commentators call a “praise of David” is, in fact, an enormous attempt to summarize the vast experiences David had learned about who God is and more importantly, what our God was capable of doing. The power available in recalling the previous miracles of God’s goodness is the primary key to tapping into His limitless power. We are further admonished in Revelations 12:11 that the word of our testimony is significant in us overcoming adversity. Think about it! We hold the victory for ourselves, our families and the community in the words we recite about how good God has been. My mother used to remind us daily, “If God did it once…He can do it again!”

What does it mean to be limitless? If you are currently entrenched in the heat of battle it can seem impossible to see the bright side or remain expectant that God can deliver. But my friend, that is precisely where God’s limitless power is most effective. When we move past the shame of our own unbelief and get real with our emotions, we can then activate faith for God to move mightily. “Faith is the ignition switch that turns on LIMITLESS power from God.”

In the beginning verses of Psalm 145, David shares his commitment to praising God daily for the simple fact that He is worthy. If faith is the switch to His limitless power, praise has to be the power source for it all! In fact, David becomes so infectious with praise he says that one generation will not be able to refrain from telling the next just how good God is.

The Psalm has an almost crescendo of sorts after David begins to recall the great power and love of his God. Here he states that everything that God created (His works) are commanded to praise Him. And, in praising, we are speaking of nothing but His limitless power.

Limitless, because as humans, we are so limited. It does not take long to notice that our world is in serious trouble and has exhausted all options from humanity. We are good at propping up distractions that will never solve the real issue. This is the season and situation that calls on us the most to speak out. When we remind a co-worker or store clerk how we have been preserved and blessed by a loving God, it sparks a glimmer of hope that although they are facing insurmountable limitations, they can have a relationship with God who possesses limitless power!